Sony XAV-V750BT


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Double-DIN AV centre with One-touch Bluetooth connection

Enjoy your favourite music and video in your car with this smartphone-friendly AV centre.

Connect via Bluetooth with one-touch, and experience immersive sound quality from powerful 4 x 55W amplification.


NFC One-touch for instant Bluetooth® pairing

Simply tap your NFC-compatible mobile on the receiver’s volume knob for instant Bluetooth pairing

Rear camera ready for easy reversing

If you’ve got a rear camera installed, you can use it to help you park. Whenever you tap the rear camera icon or put your vehicle in reverse, you’ll instantly bring the video feed up on screen.  Customizable guidelines help you reverse smoothly and safely.

MEGA BASS with 10-band EQ for enhanced dynamics

Add deep bottom end to any track by activating the MEGA BASS switch. Two boost modes let you control how much bass is added, and the 10-band EQ helps you sculpt the sound further.

“Dynamic Reality Amp 2” for clear, powerful sound

The Dynamic Reality Amp 2 gives you 4 x 55w of power, so you can play music as loudly or softly as you like. The amp has 47% less internal resistance than conventional units, for increased output and clear, natural sound at any volume.

Control everything easily on a 17.6cm (6.95”) touch-screen

With a 17.6cm (6.95”), Double-DIN display featuring large touch-screen buttons, controlling your entertainment is always effortless. You can even change the screen’s colours to match your car interior.

3 pre-outs let you expand your sound system

Looking to build your dream in-car sound system? 3 pre-outs give you countless possibilities for expanding your setup. Plug in a couple of additional amplifiers for all your speakers and sub-woofers.

Unite your music with SongPal

Download SongPal for your smartphone and take control of car audio functions using the power of your voice. Simply connect over Bluetooth to enjoy seamless access to all your favourite music tracks, as well as messaging and navigation.

Do more with Siri Eyes Free

Control your Siri-compatible iPhone without even taking it out of your pocket with Siri Eyes Free. Simply press the volume key to activate Siri voice commands for making calls, navigation, setting reminders and much more. Siri Eyes Free can even read out text messages and allow you to safely respond without ever having to touch your phone.


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